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Projects Donation Page - Irish Pallottines

The Irish Pallottine Missionaries are currently working in eleven parishes East Africa helping and assisting members of the local communities to improve their lives through the assistance of numerous different projects.

We presently have a number of projects which can help fund through your generosity. The numbers do not represent importance, but only differentiate the projects. Please review them all before making your decision.

If you would prefer to make a 'General Donation' to our work and allow the Irish Pallottines to put your generosity to use at their discretion, please click on this 'General Donation' link or on the ‘General Donation’ button in the right-hand column. Thank you for your support!

Project 1 – Support Formation of Students to Priesthood

The Pallottine house of philosophical studies and formation was set up in 1996 within the Archdiocese of Arusha, followed by the house of Theology set up within the Archdiocese of Nairobi.  To learn more and consider donating…

Project 2 – SIUYU Rehabilitation Centre

Fr Tommy Ryan SAC commenced this project to help those who are in need of special care and assistance. In providing this facility Fr Tommy and those who assist him are constantly improving the quality of life for those who otherwise would have no access to education or healthcare facilities. To learn more and consider donating…


Project 3 – Esso Parish

Fr Michael O Sullivan with the wonderful help and assistance of many donations alongside the work of the local Esso community has built a new Church and Community facility for all members of the local area. This wonderful project has succeeded in providing recreational spaces, school spaces and a wonderful new Church facility. To learn more and consider donating…

Project 4 - Malambo Village, in the Archdiocese of Arusha, in 2013

Malambo and its’ inhabitants has many issues with water supply, as drought is a regular occurrence in the area and the river Sanjan can dry up for months when there is little or no rainfall in any year. Due to the importance of water in the area, for growing of crops and sustaining livestock, and in consultation and participation of the local leaders and people. To learn more and consider donating…

Project 5: Assisting the Local Government Secondary School

As is the case in many government schools in Tanzania, they are under resourced. Malambo Secondary school is no exception. With a student body numbering several hundred, who must board due to the distance they have to travel to school. To learn more and consider donating…

Project 6: Pallottine Missionary Centre Wyandotte

With almost 60 of service and ministry in Wyandotte the Irish Pallottines can look back with pride that our efforts have resulted in a great growth of the church in East Africa. Because of ourpresence and involvement in the community, we give thanks for several priests who have been associated with the area churches. To learn more and consider donating…