Day 3 – We regard no one from a human point of view

Day 3 –  We regard no one from a human point of view
(2 Corinthians 5:16)
1 Samuel 16:1. 6-7 The Lord looks not at outward appearances but at the heart
Psalm 19:7-13 The commandment of the Lord is clear, enlightening the eyes
Acts 9:1-19 Saul becomes Paul
Matthew 5:1-12 The Beatitudes


Encountering Christ turns everything upside down. Paul had that experience on the road to Damascus. For the first time he could see Jesus for who he really was: the Saviour of the world. His point of view was changed completely. He had to lay his human, worldly judgment aside.

Encountering Christ changes our perspective as well. Nevertheless, we often linger in the past and judge according to human standards. We make claims or do things “in the name of the Lord” that in reality may be self-serving. Throughout history, in Germany and in many other countries, both rulers and the churches themselves have misused their power and influence to pursue unjust political goals.

Transformed by their encounter with Christ, in 1741, the Christians of the Moravian Church (Herrnhuter) answered the call to regard no-one from a human point of view by choosing to ‘submit to Christ’s Rule’. In submitting ourselves to the rule of Christ today, we are called to see others as God sees them, without mistrust or prejudice.


  • Where can I identify Damascus experiences in my life?
  • What changes when we view other Christians or people of other faiths as God views them?


Triune God, you are the origin and goal of all living things.
Forgive us when we only think of ourselves
and are blinded by our own standards.
Open our hearts and our eyes.
Teach us to be loving, accepting and gracious,
so that we may grow in the unity which is your gift.
To you be honour and praise, now and for ever. Amen.