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UAC - Pallottine Fathers

The Union of Catholic Apostolate

The Pallottine charism and mission were set out in the form of various documents and writings. In the first place are the original writings of Saint Vincent Pallotti, which were published in 15 volumes of the “Complete Works”, composed of 23 tomes. Of particular importance for understanding the original work are the writings from the years 1835-1838. They were born of the period immediately after January 9th 1835, the day on which Pallotti noted in his diary that he had received a particular inspiration to found the work of the Catholic Apostolate. Other important sources for knowing the Pallottine charism are the texts and statutes officially recognised by the Church, the official documents of the General Assemblies and the circular letters of the General Regime.

Pallotti’s foundation had a very remarkable and touching history; it is a new form of an “Association” and got right away in 1835 the approval from the competent ecclesiastical authority.

It is a community, which unites priests, religious, lay people and takes as name “Catholic Apostolate”. The spring-like beginning was witness to many initiatives answering to the manifold needs of the Church (Foreign Mission, Popular Mission, Retreat work) and in the City of Rome (Evening Schools, Soup Kitchen, Orphanage – Pia Casa di Carità, etc.).

But the new ideas soon met with suspicion, many people could not understand his ideas and Pallotti had again and again defend his vision and his foundation. After his death the name of his foundation was changed into “Pious Mission Society” and there remained only the community of priest and brothers and the community of sisters. But the members of these communities never forgot that the idea of Pallotti was more than their present realisation.

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